5 reasons why you should get a Time Clock App with a built-in camera

Blog added on 11 September 2017

Do you remember when you had to write down your name and time of arrival and departure before and after your shift? Those days are long gone; we have a new exciting technology at hand nowadays.


Time and Attendance is the most complicated process for every business, mainly restaurants and cafes. This is simply because hospitality venues change staff regularly as they tend to hire university students looking for a quick way to make money, while studying. Early days, pen and paper were a good solution for calculating end-of-week time sheet, not anymore, there’s a revolutionary App that’s taking the market by storm.

What is Time Clock App

As its name suggests, a Time Clock is a software application that records times, usually a starting and finishing time of a shift. A Time Clock App is usually a reference to an Application (iOS or Android) that records these times digitally and often uploads to the cloud.

Capturing Time and Attendance

Imagine a small device that records your employees’ time and attendance? How about taking a picture for when they sign in and sign out? Finally, how about a cloud software that gives you end-of-week time sheets in Excel, which you can access from anywhere in the world?

ClocksAppA Software

It all sounds too good to be true, right? Well it’s not; most applications in the Australian market charge little for such applications. The world’s most popular (and most expensive) application for time and attendance is Deputy.com, their charges are unreasonably high (currently it’s $6.60 per user per month). The best application we’ve found thus far in the Australian market is ClocksApp. The software works on iOS, Android and any web-based platform, cost range from $9 per month to $29 per month for unlimited staff and full features. Using ClocksApp, business managers can see on their smartphones who’s working, late or didn’t show up. There are some incredible advanced features such as rostering, exporting timesheets in a web or Excel format.

Why capturing photos is important

Businesses with 20+ employees per branch can’t keep track of who’s clocked in and who did not. Quite often in earlier technologies of tag badging, employees would use their friend’s badge cards to clock in. The ability to take a picture of employees as they sign on and sign off reduces the risk of errors and gives managers an accurate summary of their weekly timesheets.

Nowadays, most devices for iOS and Android come with a built-in camera, we’ve researched the market and found the Lenovo 7inch tablet from JB HI-FI Australia to be the most affordable of all devices that come with a built-in camera: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/tablets/lenovo/lenovo-tab-3-a7-10-7-tablet/314282/ prices are $98 per device.


If you’re still using Pen and Paper or badge cards or even barcode readers to record your employees’ time and attendance, you should consider upgrading to an App with a built-in camera feature. We’ve found ClocksApp Australia to be the best software application for recording time and attendance, give them a call on 02 8912 2115.

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