ClocksApp officially launch the latest feature: Unlimited Push Notifications to staff

Blog added on 18 October 2017

ClocksApp is an application for time and attendance, it stores pictures of staff as they clock in and clock out and uploads to the cloud for reporting. Push Notification is short message that appears on mobile phones; mainly iPhone and Android devices.


In the beginning there was Short Message Service or what we know as SMS, and then with the release of iPhone mobile devices, we started receiving push notifications from App developers. It wasn’t long after that Android (owned by Google) implemented their version of Push Notification. These notifications can be disabled/stopped by going to the setting of the application and unregistering.


Push notifications are a great way of communicating with end users; they are a one-way traffic and are generally free. Unlike SMS where you will need to know the phone number of the recipient(s), these notifications are sent based on device name, which doesn’t reflect a name or phone number of end users.

For a restaurant business, push notifications are immensely great because business manager can send one-way messages to selected, or all staff for a branch. The advantage of having a one-way traffic is that staff have no option to reply and/or open a conversation with the restaurant manager or other staff members.


As an example, let’s say a restaurant in Sydney has 50 staff members and the business manager wanted to let everyone know that the coming Sunday is a public holiday and they needed to be ontime and wear a special uniform. S/he can open ClocksApp, type in a simple message: Hi there, Sunday 12 Oct is public holiday, wear special uniform, arrive on time. From there, the restaurant manager can publish this short message to all staff members, absolutely free.

How does it work?

ClocksApp has a built-in feature for creating and publishing rosters. There is a separate application for iOS and Android called ClocksApp Roster where staff members can download on their mobile devices and login using their-own username and password. Once logged in, ClocksApp links the device name and number to the staff name. From that moment, business managers can target these users based on whatever name they have entered in the database.


Push Notification for ClocksApp is free for Enterprise and Startup customers. For month to month customers, it’s $9.95 p/month p/branch. There is no limit to the number of push notifications sent but it’s highly recommended that no more than 1 notification is sent per day. Create your free account today and try it absolutely free.

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